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Check out these Hanging Leg Raise variations - 'Max Moments' on the importance of Stretching and our, ALL NEW, S.E.D. (Specific Exercise Demo's) series for Beginners!

Hanging Leg Raise
MM - on stretching
MM - New S.E.D. series

Specific Exercise Demonstrations - (S.E.D. series) for Lunges, Pushups, and Lat Pull-Downs...

Lunge Variations 1
Pushups 101...
Lat Pull-Down

S.E.D's with Barbells and Cables for Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps - Beginner Level

Barbell shoulder press
Barbell Biceps curl
Cable Tricep Pushdown

S.E.D.'s with Dumbbells for Legs, Chest, and Back - Beginner Level

Dumb. Sumo Squat
Dumb. Incline Press
Dumb. Row

S.E.D.'s with Dumbbells for Shoulders, Biceps, and Triceps - Beginner Level

Dumb. Lateral Raise
Dumb. Hammer Curl
Dumb. Overhead Ext.

All New 'Product Review' Videos for the Physio Ball, Medicine Ball, and TRX Trainer!! 

Physio Ball Review Medicine Ball Review TRX Trainer

Introduction to the Alexander Technique with Lelia. Proper posture, alignment, and movement of the spine - for daily living, for exercise, and for superior health.

Alexander Tech Vid 1 Alexander Tech Vid 2 Alexander Tech Vid 3

Max Moments - Expert insight and fitness tips.

MM Mastering Tech.
MM Circuit Training
MM Slow Down

3 All New Core Circuit Training Videos with Max and Sherri!

Core Circuit - 105 Core Circuit - 106 Core Circuit - 107

3 new videos - An outstanding upper back circuit, Stretching for Golf, and why you should 'Ditch the Scale!'

MM Ditch the scale
Upper Back Circuit
Golf Stretching

Dumbbell Circuit Strength training 101, 102 and Core Circuit training 104...

DB Strength 101 DB Strength 102
Core Circuit 104

Great Videos for single leg Romanian Dead Lifts on the Bosu, Proper Low Back positioning for Abdominal work, and Shoulder Rehabilitatiion!

RDL's on Bosu
LowBack Positioning
Shoulder Rehab

Product Reviews for Power Push-ups, and the Trap Bar. Plus innovative and effective uses for the Smith Machine.

PR Power Pushups
PR Trap Bar

Smith Machine